Snowdonia Giving

Snowdonia National Park now sees close on  6 million visitors a year. Inevitably this leaves some impact on the landscape and local environment.

There is a wealth of public and private bodies looking after the area, including; farmers and tenants Snowdonia National Park, National Trust, Natural Resources Wales, Snowdonia Society and many more. The sad truth is that with so many visitors even with all of these bodies doing their bit there will never be enough money to go round to do all of the things we  really  need to do.

The donations from  Snowdonia Giving are never used to pay for anything which the government has a statutory duty to perform.

All of the  Snowdonia Giving donations support projects which provide a valuable resource or service above and beyond any statutory requirements.

An example of this is the money raised for Snowdon’s Paths. This is a project which is aiming to expand on the work already carried out by the National Park and National Trust. Nearly ½ million people  summit Snowdon every year and the erosional impact this has is huge.. Currently the National Park spends £250,000 a year on maintaining Snowdon’s paths, and the money raised will be added on top of this money already spent which means we can do even more to help protect Snowdon’s paths from the huge erosional pressures it faces.